Friday, May 13, 2016


Most of us from time to time get the urge to spend a little time "away from it all". The island of Elliðaey, located in the archipelago of Vestmannaeyjar to the south of Iceland looks like it would provide the perfect spot for that "hermit" experience.

According to the island was inhabited by five families some 300 years ago but, over the next two centuries, life on the island became more and more impractical and the last permanent residents of the island left in the 1930's.

Move forward to 1953 and the Elliðaey Hunting Association built a lodge on the island for its members to use.

Unfortunately that weekend getaway is probably not actually going to happen for most of us because unless you are a member of the Elliðaey Hunting Association or are friends with some one who is [and we all are - right?] you can't stay in the lodge though for those intrepid enough it is possible to visit the island on a boat tour from the main island of Heimaey.

So, for the perfect secluded getaway or at least the dream of the perfect secluded getaway, check out these photos. The first, by Chris Zielecki, gives an idea of just how secluded Elliðaey actually is [Chris' original photo is on Flickr], the second by Diego Delso [CC BY-SA 4.0,] provides a stunning panoramic view of the island and the third is an edited version of Diego's photo that provides a closer look at the area around the hunting lodge.

Owning an isle

ElliĆ°aey - Diego Delso - 1

ElliĆ°aey - Diego Delso - 2

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