Tuesday, May 31, 2016


They sure do not make things like they used to! As a youngster I would hear older folks say that and I would swear to myself I would never become "that old guy" but of course we all do in the end. Case in point; car design where, for the most part, these days they all look like they come out of the same mold because of the constant drive for cars designed by computers with ever better aerodynamics in order to get the best gas mileage.

That was not always the case of course, aesthetics took more prominence in a far greater number of design decisions in times gone past, and the Arrowhead car seen below certainly demonstrates that.

Designed in 1936 by W. E. Miller for Arrowhead Water and featuring a striking teardrop shape, round and wide in the front tapering to a point at the back, that was aimed at promoting the company's product by calling to mind a drop of water thus meeting the primary requirement of a marketing vehicle by providing a strong visual connection to the product being marketed.

According to Hemmings.com the vehicle was a great success but lasted only a single year as it was completely destroyed in a wreck in 1937.

Arrowhead ‘Teardrop’ Car
Photo from the Pop Culture & Nostalgia Facebook page

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